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About Me

As a child I had very poor health and seemed to always be off school, taking antibiotics and pain killers. My health problems continued into adulthood and eventually led me to visit a number of practitioners of alternative medicine. Over several years of trying various therapies and altering my diet and lifestyle, I began to feel much healthier and most of my problems either went completely or became manageable. This inspired me to train in the therapies which I now offer to clients.

I first trained in Massage over twenty years ago and went on to study Aromatherapy to an advanced level. Over the years I have studied Kinesiology, Herbal and Nutritional Support and Flower Essences. After my children were born I spent three years training in Homeopathy and further studied Vibrational Essences.

In my practice over the last twenty years I have found that clients tend to need different forms of treatment at different times in their life. This has led to me recommending more than one type of therapy at certain points. I believe that there is a natural synergy between the therapies which I offer, whereby they each enhance and support the effect of one another. Where appropriate I will combine the relevant remedies and treatments to bring about the swiftest and most gentle recovery for the client.

I can offer each therapy individually, or combine several of the therapies, to offer a bespoke service to help clients alleviate their symptoms and improve their health and well-being. Links to suppliers and other practitioners I have connected with can be found here.

Contact Me

Please send me an email using the form below. Use the comments box to say what kind of treatment you are looking for, and to indicate if you have any preferences regarding the timing of an appointment.